DSLR Revolution. Is it over?

I recently took part in a round-table discussion with several other cinematographers and photographer in New York. The discussion was in front of film students and one of the most surprising topics that kept coming up was about the quality of Digital SLR cameras compared to high end film cameras. Many of the experienced panelists were, and still are, against the DSLR cameras as a professional film device, this could be for a number of reasons, but I’m lead to believe that this has to do with lack of quality and control many of these cameras have.

As we knew this would be a topic of discussion the moderator had prepared a series of short film clips, some were shot of film cameras, other on high end digital cameras and finally, some on prosumer level DSLRs. While viewing the clips, each panelist was asked to write down which camera they think was used for each clips. Surprisingly, the veteran filmmakers were stumped. What some thought was shot on film was actually on a SLR. In fact, none of the films were shot on film or RED cameras, every film clip we saw was shot on an SLR.

The SLR revolution isn’t just limited to the cinematography world, access to a wide range of lenses and cheap camera bodies has proven to be a great aid to both amateur and professional photographers. I recently found some work by a small photography company in san francisco. Check out some of their work, specially their food and product photography. http://marketmevideo.tv/san-francisco-photographer/

I contacted MarketME on Facebook to ask specifically what gear their using to produce such impressive work. I wasn’t surprised to hear that although they have a studio full of high-end camera gear, they’ve found that using a Canon 70D gets the job done 9 out of 10 times.

Another company that is really producing some great work. Is Gotham Photography in NY, their stunning real estate photographs are helping their clients close multi-million dollar deals. I wasn’t surprised to learn that light techniques and great post-production is the secret to their fantastic work.

“The camera is just a tool to tell the story”. I think we get too caught up in what we’re shooting with and forget to look up and think about what it is we’re shooting.

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