What Coming in 2016

Century Optics is a new way for us to share the latest and greatest in cinematography. With over 10 years experience in both the film and photography worlds, my goal is to share the latest news, tips, tricks and techniques. If you’ve come here from my original blog, then you know the drill – I don’t post often but when I do, I make sure you’re getting the high quality information.

Here are a couple blog posts you can expect this year. I’m getting into the camera world and looking for the best cameras in the industry. I’m going to be interviewing a few people who are creating cameras that are shaping the way we capture the world. I’m also going to be following a few interesting Kickstarter campaigns that are showing promise.

Drone tech has really started to peak my interest so I’ll be covering a lot more information about how to fly, where to fly and more importantly which ones you should be buying. I’m also going to be chatting with companies who are producing some fantastic work that I can share with you all.

Lastely, this new blog is going back to basics. I’m going to talking about camera lenses and cinematography techniques. I’ve lined up interviews with a few big names in the industry. Some work in feature films while other are on the business to business production side of things. My goal is to talk about the best ways to achieve creative goals in a way that keeps reasonable budgets in mind.



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